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Enhance Your Skin’s Beauty with Cosmetic Dermatology Options

Cosmetic Dermatology

At Florida Dermatology and Skin Cancer Centers, we understand that having healthy skin is a top priority for many individuals. There are a number of ways to achieve this, and the list can be infinite. Throughout our blogs and on our website, FLDSCC consistently highlights ways to improve the health of your skin. One of these ways is through the use of non-invasive cosmetic treatments such as BOTOX® Cosmetic, JUVÉDERM®, JUVÉDERM® VOLUMA™ XC filler treatments, and chemical peels. These services are conveniently available at many of our office locations, and they offer numerous benefits for your skin. In this blog, we’ll explore what these treatments are and why they can be helpful when it comes to improving the look and feel of your skin.

Cosmetic Treatment Options at FLDSCC
BOTOX® Cosmetic:
What is BOTOX® Cosmetic?

BOTOX® Cosmetic is the first and only FDA approved treatment to temporarily diminish the appearance of moderate to severe frown lines, crow’s feet, and forehead lines in adults.

Why is BOTOX® Cosmetic Beneficial?

  1.  Reduction of the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles: BOTOX® Cosmetic can smooth out crow’s feet, forehead lines, and frown lines, creating a more youthful look.
  2. Non-invasive: This treatment requires no surgery and minimal downtime.
  3. Selective targeting: BOTOX® is administered with precision by a trained healthcare professional who can carefully target the muscles that contribute to wrinkles, leaving surrounding muscles unaffected. This selective action ensures that your facial expressions remain natural, allowing you to smile, frown, and make various expressions while reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles.
  4. Customizable treatment: The amount of BOTOX® used and the injection sites can be adjusted to meet a patient’s specific goals. This individualized approach ensures that the results are in harmony with the patient’s facial features and desired level of improvement.
  5. Preservation of expressiveness: BOTOX® does not freeze or immobilize facial muscles entirely. Instead, it reduces muscle contractions to soften wrinkles while still allowing you to convey a wide range of emotions through facial expressions. This ensures that your face looks natural and maintains its character.
  6. Long-lasting results: Results are almost instant and typically last for 3-6 months, making it a popular choice for maintaining the desired skin tone you are looking for. At the same time, this temporary nature allows patients to assess and adjust their treatment over time, maintaining a natural appearance without commitment to a long-lasting change.


JUVÉDERM® and JUVÉDERM® VOLUMA™ XC are made up of a safe, modified form of hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring element that helps deliver a gentle lift to the skin. The injectable moisturizing gel in JUVÉDERM® and JUVÉDERM® VOLUMA™ XC fillers can help correct volume loss from natural aging in the cheeks, chin, and lips, and improve the appearance of deep wrinkles and skin folds in places like the forehead and under eye area.

Why are JUVÉDERM® and JUVÉDERM® VOLUMA™ XC Beneficial?

  1. Restores volume and contour: These fillers can easily increase volume in lips, smooth smile lines, and enhance cheek volume.
  2. Natural-looking results: Since hyaluronic acid is already present in the skin, injecting a hyaluronic acid-based filler is less likely to cause adverse reactions or allergies. This compatibility contributes to the natural appearance of the results.
  3. Easy to build up: Skilled injectors can control the amount of filler they use, allowing them to achieve subtle and gradual results. This ensures that the enhancement doesn’t appear overly dramatic or artificial. Patients can decide how much volume they want to restore, whether it’s for smoothing wrinkles, plumping lips, or enhancing cheek contours.
  4. Versatility: JUVÉDERM® and JUVÉDERM® VOLUMA™ XC offer different formulations designed for specific areas of the face. This means the treatment can be tailored to suit the unique needs of each patient, resulting in a personalized, natural look.
  5. Smooth consistency: These fillers have a smooth, gel-like consistency that integrates well with the surrounding tissues. This minimizes the risk of lumpiness or uneven texture, further contributing to a natural appearance.
  6. Gradual absorption: Over time, hyaluronic acid-based fillers are gradually absorbed by the body. This natural breakdown process ensures that the results fade gradually, avoiding a sudden and unnatural change in appearance.
  7. Minimal downtime: You can resume your normal activities after treatment.
  8. Long-lasting effects: Results can last up to two years with JUVÉDERM® VOLUMA™ XC and up to a year with JUVÉDERM®.

Chemical Peels:
What is a Chemical Peel?

A chemical peel is a procedure in which a chemical solution is applied to the skin to exfoliate the outer layers, revealing smoother, more radiant skin underneath.

Why are Chemical Peels Beneficial?

  1. Skin rejuvenation: Chemical peels can improve skin texture, reduce fine lines, and minimize the appearance of sun damage and age spots.
  2. Customizable treatment: Chemical peels come in various formulations and strengths, allowing for a personalized approach to match the patient’s specific skin concerns. A skilled provider can tailor the treatment to address individual needs, ensuring that the results are in harmony with the patient’s skin type and desired outcome.
  3. Controlled exfoliation: Chemical peels use a chemical solution to remove the top layer of damaged or aged skin. This controlled exfoliation process promotes the growth of fresh, healthy skin cells from underneath. The new skin that emerges is smoother, more even in tone, and has a natural appearance.
  4. Gradual improvement: Chemical peel results typically develop gradually over several days to weeks after the treatment. This slow progression allows for a subtle transition and avoids abrupt, unnatural changes in the skin’s appearance.
  5. Minimal downtime: Depending on the type and depth of the chemical peel, most patients can return to their regular activities within a few days. This minimal downtime means that the skin can recover naturally and comfortably without the need for extended recovery periods. Most patients can return to their daily activities within a few days.
  6. Natural healing process: Chemical peels harness the body’s natural healing mechanisms. By encouraging the skin to regenerate and replace damaged cells, the treatment helps to improve skin texture, reduce fine lines, and minimize imperfections without relying on artificial substances.
  7. Reversibility: Unlike some more invasive treatments, the results of chemical peels are not permanent. Over time, the treated skin naturally sheds, and the skin returns to its baseline condition. This allows for flexibility and adjustments as needed.

At FLDSCC, our providers are committed to helping you achieve the skin you’ve always dreamed of. With the convenience of having BOTOX® Cosmetic, JUVÉDERM®, and chemical peels available at many of our office locations, you can access these beneficial treatments easily. Whether you’re seeking to diminish wrinkles, enhance facial features, or rejuvenate your skin’s appearance, we have the solutions you need to look and feel your best. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!

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