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Mohs Micrographic Surgery

Mohs micrographic surgery is one of the most effective surgical techniques on the market for curing many common types of skin cancers. It utilizes a process in which thin layers of skin tissue are removed

April 12, 2018|

The Dangers of Tanning

Forget going under the knife – let’s talk about the dangers of going under the tanning table. Ironically, while most people associate a warm, bronze tan with health and vitality, a tan is a visible

March 29, 2018|

Women in Dermatology

The history of women in dermatology is not well-documented. Their place in the field has been built and fought for from the ground up, because up until the 1800s the only medical profession women were able to hold was that of midwives.

March 20, 2018|

Green Tea Benefits

It isn’t easy bein’ green – except when it comes to using green tea as a natural addition to your skin care routine. Tea has long been regarded as a superfood for its healthful properties, and green tea in particular is touted for its ability to aid in weight loss, memory loss prevention, insulin and blood sugar control, and cancer prevention.

March 8, 2018|

Help Living with Psoriasis

Those who suffer from psoriasis are often as embarrassed by visible, scaly patches of skin as they are uncomfortable from the pain or itching caused by the inflamed skin. But there is help and hope for psoriasis patients. Working with a trusted dermatologist at Florida Dermatology and Skin Cancer Centers to find the right combination of treatments and medications can improve all that.

February 20, 2018|

Jan Marini Chemical Peels

If you think a chemical peel might be a good anti-aging treatment for you, we have several options.

February 15, 2018|