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Common Skin Conditions That Cause Facial Redness

Facial redness can stem from many causes, but without a dermatological exam it may be difficult for you to determine the source of redness, warmth, and inflammation across your face. In many cases, facial redness is a sign of an underlying skin condition. Florida Dermatology and Skin Cancer Centers is here to list 7 common skin conditions that may be causing facial redness.

7 Skin Conditions That Cause Facial Redness

  1. Rosacea: Rosacea is a common skin condition that is difficult to detect because early signs mimic common blushing, flushing, or acne breakouts. Rosacea causes redness, red pimples and red vascular lines over the center areas of the face (cheeks, chin, forehead). It can also cause the nose to become red and bulbous. While rosacea comes and goes in flare ups, facial redness may linger longer or not go away at all as the condition progresses.


  1. Seborrheic dermatitis: Seborrheic dermatitis presents as a red, flaky rash on oily areas of the body, including the face (especially around the nose and forehead).


  1. Eczema: Eczema is characterized by dry, red patches of skin that are itchy and inflamed. Eczema can appear anywhere on the body, including the face. It’s commonly found in children, but many adults develop eczema as well.


  1. Contact dermatitis: Contact with an irritant or allergen can cause a red rash to appear over the area the irritant touches. Common triggers for contact dermatitis include: poison oak, poison ivy, harsh chemicals in detergent or cleaning products, perfumes, soaps and lotions, cosmetic products, and essential oils.


  1. Acne: Acne is the most common skin condition in the U.S. It typically presents during teenage puberty, when hormonal changes cause the body’s oil glands to produce more oil. Excess oil traps bacteria and dirt into the skin’s pores and leads to the development of painful, swollen bumps, blackheads, and whiteheads. The skin surrounding acne may look red and inflamed. Although acne is most common among teenagers, many adults suffer from acne as well.


  1. Sun damage: Exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays can cause a red, inflamed, tender burn to develop – a sunburn. Sunburn can affect any area of the body exposed to the sun, including the face.


  1. Dryness: Skin dryness and dehydration weakens the skin barrier and increases skin sensitivity, irritation, and redness. Over-exfoliation, cold weather, and not moisturizing can call contribute to dry, red skin.


Factors That Exacerbate Facial Redness

There are common factors that worsen existing facial redness, including:

  • Sun exposure
  • Alcohol
  • Spicy foods
  • Extreme weather conditions
  • Stress
  • Poor quality cosmetics


FLDSCC Can Treat Facial Redness Causes By a Skin Condition

The licensed dermatologists at Florida Dermatology and Skin Cancer Centers are experts in the field of hair, nails, and skin. If you have unexplained facial redness, our medical professionals can make an accurate diagnosis of your condition and get you started on a treatment plan that meets your individual needs. We currently have 12 convenient locations across Florida; contact us today to schedule a consultation at the clinic nearest you.


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