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Hair Restoration

Florida Dermatology & Skin Cancer Centers offer both ARTAS & Neograft hair restoration options in the Orlando area, with consultations available at any of our six locations.

Why is having a hair transplant better with a dermatologist? A dermatologist’s training specializes in the treatment of skin and hair. Their training and experience provides a more in depth diagnosis of medical conditions that cause hair loss. Since hair loss can be the result of more than common genetic pattern baldness, the cause of most hair loss in hair transplant patients, a dermatologist can better distinguish an accurate diagnosis. There are many medical conditions and diseases that cause permanent or temporary hair loss so it’s vitally important to correctly diagnose the cause the first time.

Dr. Foster, owner of Florida Dermatology & Skin Cancer Centers, completed specialized fellowship training which gave him extensive experience in hair transplantation, Mohs and reconstructive surgery, laser and cosmetic surgery in Los Angeles, CA under the direction of Drs. Ronald L. Moy and Edgar Fincher. Dr. Foster has also received additional training in hair transplant surgery at Bosley Headquarters in Beverly Hills, CA in 2007.

If you, or someone you know, are looking for safe, permanent hair restoration treatment options, we can help. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation, or visit floridahair.com to learn more about our processes.

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